RolfingŪ Movement Integration

Have you ever noticed people arriving at a party? Some blaze in, circulate and talk to everyone; others smile, find a safe corner and talk to a close friend; still others make a bee-line for the food. It might be said how you walk across a room is how you walk through life.  

You have a habitual movement pattern that is uniquely your own. Written in your connective tissue (fascia) from your personal history, these patterns are discernible in your physical activities, your mental concepts, your emotional awareness, and your sense of self.  

Life is movement. When your body is well supported, movement flows through it like water the same way a rock changes the flow of an ocean wave. One of the goals in Rolfing Movement is to bring a focus to your holding patterns so you may release them.  

Another goal is for you to experience your body lengthening with each movement. Your limbs will begin to swing freely from your torso. Your whole body participates in action. You begin to understand that any activity can happen using the weight and leverage of your whole body. The result is less fatigue, aching and strained muscles, plus an awareness of being completely present in your own body.  

Learning Rolfing Movement involves three basic processes. The first is awareness, discovering how you actually move, breathe, work, play and handle stress. The second step is that of letting go-of tension (comfortingly familiar but uncomfortable ways of moving); stereotyped body images; physical defenses; and attitudes. The third step is exploring new options. These steps rarely happen in linear sequence. Their occurrence can be simultaneous; often there is a spiral effect. New options lead to new awareness, to more releasing, to still more new options.   

Rolfing Movement works within the basic principals of Wholism, Adaptability, Support and Palintonic (to stretch back and forth). Each private session begins with a walking analysis in which you and the Rolfer discover your patterns and agree upon a session goal. An inner body awareness is discovered through breathing and/or specific movement techniques. Lastly, you bring this new responsiveness into walking and you notice the changes that have occurred. You are taught options for movement and are encouraged to "play" with your new-found flexibility between sessions. In this way, the old painful pattern gradually dissolves and the new efficient movement becomes the habit.  

For anyone wishing to integrate the body/mind connection, Rolfing Movement Integration is your next step.

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