Rolfing® and Rolfing Movement Integration®

The Time is Now

  • To improve your ability to handle stress
  • To bring your body into a new balance
  • To become more flexible with better coordination
  • To gain relief from chronic pain
  • To enhance athletic performance
Rolfing® and Rolfing Movement Integration® (RMI) give you options to respond to the upheavals and strains in your life. They bring an increased openness, energy,  vitality and awareness. 

You will discover your feet contact the ground differently; you will be amazed at how your integrated body moves through space; you will find new ways to sit, stand and walk.  You will be aware of nuances of physical movement such as the way you tilt your head, drop your shoulder or how you reach to physical stress and emotional tension. 

In other words, you will inhabit your body in a completely fresh and unique way. 

Deanna Melnychuk, L.M.T., Certified Advanced Rolfer

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